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Kasi Infrared Asphalt Restoration

Once a firefighter and police officer, Jarrod Filion is now a leading contractor using infrared technologies through working with his family's infrared companies.

Filion, who has run Kasi Infrared II Asphalt Restoration for 7 years, is responsible for all the company's infrared asphalt repairs from estimates, public relations, and advertising, to doing the actual work on the jobs.

When Filion first started doing infrared repairs, no one in the Northeast was familiar with the process, he says. "I really had to go out there and do a lot of demos. I had to explain the benefits of the infrared process over the conventional methods and how I could save my potential clients money," says Filion. That hard work paid off as his company's success grew quickly. "Once I got out there and started getting some work, things really took off for me and I have been adding more and more clients every year, in addition to my existing clients. I have never lost an account and I get close to 95% of all the work I look at," says Filion.

Filion believes that infrared is a great process for both clients and contractors. It saves clients money and extends the life of their current asphalt, and contractors will find that the return is approximately 80% profit on a full day's job. "Not a lot of businesses have that kind of profit margin," says Filion.

In these tough economic times when money is tight, people look to infrared for their pavement needs. Infrared is an economical and reliable solution for repair. It�s cheaper than performing saw cuts and holds up a lot better. Filion attests that "there is no better way to repair asphalt for the money."

Future plans for Kasi Infrared II Asphalt Restoration include adding another truck in the next year. Located in the middle of New Hampshire, Filion finds himself having to travel at least an hour to almost all his job sites, so having another truck on the road would help get more jobs done. Filion provides asphalt work for major hospitals, over 200 fast food restaurants, municipalities, other paving contractors, commercial real estate developers, shopping malls, and many others.

Filion encourages other contractors to put in good effort to reap benefits. "There is no reason for anyone to not be able to really do well in this business. It may just take a little hard work in the beginning but it will pay off in the end."

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