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Welcome to Kasi Infrared, A Division of Reed International

Kasi Infrared

Kasi Infrared revolutionizes the infrared business, bringing cutting-edge advancements to road maintenance. At Kasi Infrared we don't just sell you the best quality equipment, but we make sure our customers are properly trained; we always welcome visits to our factory for tours and training. If you can't come to us, that is okay, we will also travel to your business where we will perform a live training for you and your crew, no matter what brand your equipment is, we will help.

As a pivotal component of Reed International, alongside VSS Macropaver and Stepp Manufacturing, Kasi Infrared contributes to a revolutionary suite of solutions for infrared asphalt repair. Together, they collectively position Reed International as an influential force in the construction industry, shaping the landscape of the business.

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Please‎ use the form below or call us at (603) 865-1893 or Toll Free at (800) 450-8602

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