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Discover the Future of Pothole Patching with Stepp Manufacturing's STPH at World of Asphalt 2024


North Branch, Minnesota - Stepp Manufacturing, a leading innovator in asphalt maintenance equipment, is thrilled to unveil its latest breakthrough in road repair technology at World of Asphalt 2024: the STPH asphalt pothole patch truck. Engineered with a perfect blend of durability, reliability, and operator simplicity, the STPH is poised to revolutionize road maintenance across the globe.


Designed to tackle the most demanding road maintenance needs, the STPH offers a comprehensive suite of features that empower operators to achieve unparalleled efficiency and precision. From the optional on-board tack tank system to the compactor plate carrier, spoils bin, hydraulic jackhammer, and air blowout options, the STPH is the ultimate patching body for any road maintenance task.


At the heart of the STPH lies its oil-jacketed diesel heating system, setting a new standard for heating efficiency and material quality. With automatic temperature controls and a stainless-steel burner liner, the system ensures consistent and even heating of patch materials, minimizing waste and maximizing performance. Additionally, the 6" x 3/8" AR 400 hardened auger and auger trough, coupled with the hydraulic direct drive, guarantee smooth and reliable material delivery.


"The STPH represents a significant leap forward in pothole patching technology," said Jason Stepp, VP/ National Sales Manager at Stepp Manufacturing. "With its advanced features and user-friendly design, the STPH empowers road maintenance professionals to tackle even the toughest repair challenges with confidence and ease."


Key features of the STPH include:


Oil Jacketed for the smoothest heating system on the market.

6" x 3/8" AR 400 Hardened Auger and Auger Trough, and Hydraulic Direct Drive.

Automatic Temperature Controls with Diesel Burner.

Internal Oil Jacketed Baffle to provide heat to the middle of the hopper where it’s needed the most.

270° Full Opening Hydraulic Top Doors.

Folding Shovel Pan that allows you to dispense material directly on the road for large patches.

Stainless Steel Burner Liner.

Electric over Hydraulic System.

Stepp Manufacturing invites attendees of World of Asphalt 2024 to visit booth #1955 and experience the future of pothole patching with the STPH. Discover how this innovative solution can enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and improve the quality of road maintenance operations.


For more information about Stepp Manufacturing and the STPH asphalt pothole patch truck, visit or contact us at 651-674-4491


About Stepp Manufacturing:

Stepp Manufacturing is a leading provider of asphalt maintenance equipment, specializing in innovative solutions for pothole patching, asphalt recycling, and pavement preservation. With a commitment to quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction, Stepp Manufacturing continues to set the standard for excellence in the asphalt industry.



Jason Stepp

Vice President/ National Sales Manager

Stepp Manufacturing


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