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The Most Respected Name in Infrared
Asphalt Equipment

Honest & Reliable

Why Kasi Infrared

The Benefits of Infrared Technology

Faster Repair

Repair only takes 25 Minutes. Meaning minimal disruption to traffic.


No Cold Joints

Infrared technology prevents future entryway for water. This enables potholes to be prevented.

Less Manpower

Our infrared trucks require only a 2 or 3 man crew, allowing a more streamlined and cost effective repair process.


Our Equipment

We Offer a Range of Infrared Asphalt Equipment to Meet Your Needs

Our equipment is designed to quickly and efficiently solve infrastructure issues around the world.

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What We do


Here you can find photos and videos showcasing our high quality Infrared Equipment.

Our Testimonials

We believe in quality workmanship

The infrared truck helped remove the T-48 and Bridgemaster overlay. It softened the old material so that it could chiseled and scraped off which is a tough job. Some locations were more difficult than others and we had to re-heat the tough locations. The old overlay removal process is a slow, difficult labor and equipment intense operation. The infrared truck must be there to assist the crew.


Peter Nardone | Defoe Corp.

KASI infrared has been an integral part of Asphalt Restorations, Inc's (ARI) success for the past 15 years. From the equipment to the service, in my opinion there is no other infrared manufacturer that can deliver such a powerful product with unmatched service.

Every piece of infrared equipment KASI offers is tough, durable and construction ready. From my experience, these machines have been put through the punishing, day to day, demands of the asphalt repair industry and they have stood the test of time.


John H. Ryan | Asphalt Restorations, Inc.

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